I am hungry

I am starved

I am craving


Soft and gentle

A song on the radio

Your fingers in my hair

Your hand tracing the curve of my neck

A quiet breath along my collarbone

A smile

A quiet morning

Spent with


I am hungry

I am starved

I am longing for


Melancholy and aching

This empty space

Where only you belong

Hands warmed only by my coffee cup

But even the missing is beautiful

When you exist only in my thoughts

Because we cannot truly


The fullness of of love

If we do not feel the ache

When it is missing

I am hungry

I am starved

I am ravenous for your


Needy and consuming

Your eyes so full of fire

That I can feel their warmth

Radiating in my bones

I reach for you

Across the distance between us

I want to go down in the flames

To be so full of love

That it fills my empty places

Rounds me out

Makes me whole

Until I remember that

I have never been anything



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