Some stories never get written

Some words will never pass your lips

They are the stories that haunt you

Starting as a whisper, or a prayer

Growing in your head

Dropping roots down

Nestling in to the curves of your heart

Hope, possibility, promise

Warming your bones, fluttering in your soul

But almost too quickly

The dream ends, leaving you spinning

Picking up pieces of yourself

Wondering if you will ever be whole again




The one that got away

The baby you never held in your arms

The child you will not watch grow up

The words you never said

The loved one you lost too soon

The plane you didn’t catch

The diagnosis you never saw coming

The acceptance letter that didn’t come through

The goodbye that didn’t make it in time

The chance you took

The one you didn’t

Some stories get written

Across the framework of our lives

Lived out for all to see

But what they don’t tell you

Is that the stories you write

Can still leave you wondering

Because every story

That makes its way into the fabric of reality

Carries a shadow


What might have been

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