Love reminds me of:

A cup of coffee

Some prefer theirs black

Lost in a fog

They need love to be

Dark and bold

Strong enough

To make them feel

Something again

Still others want

Their love on ice

Cold brewed and caramelled

Smooth to the taste

Their blood already runs too hot

They need love cool and calm

To bring them back down

To earth

Maybe you need love

To shock you awake

Like an espresso shot

Waking you up to the world

Love that shakes you to your core

Jittery and restless

Addicted to the dopamine hit

You feel when love

Courses through your veins

But me?

I like my coffee warm

Sweetened with cream and sugar

Hazelnut hitting my tongue

All the bitterness

Washed away

Like ambrosia, I want to

Drink you in

And come back

For more

I stare into my cup and am reminded


Your mocha eyes

And cappuccino skin

You send my heart


And I wonder

If your love would


Like my favorite

Cup of coffee

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