I’ll be honest, a year ago, I had no idea what I was even thinking by starting a blog. I wondered: would I be good at it? Would anyone even read it? Are people going to think it’s stupid?

A year ago, I wanted to write for other people. I wanted others to read my blog. To think it, or I, was “good enough”.

But lately I’ve started writing for myself. So often we (people in general) think that something only has value if it is seen by others. If it gains us “internet fame” or creates income. We (especially me) forget that the value of art is in the the very act of expression. Whether you’re a painter, a singer, an actor, or a writer. The very expression of writing brings me peace. And THAT is where the value lies.

And if you are here, thanks for sticking around. For reading what I write. At the very least, I hope it does something for you. Inspires you, makes you feel something. And if it doesn’t, I hope you find some other little corner of the internet to bring you joy.

And remember: keep your face to the sunshine ✌🏻

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