I’ll be honest, part of me wonders what I was even thinking by starting a blog! Who do I think I am? Will I be good at it? Will anyone even read it? What am I even doing!?

Yesterday morning I sat at the kitchen table wildly overthinking my choices, and my husband asked me: what was the goal? And guys, it was so clear to me. I word vomited. But it all boiled down to empowering women. So basically to “take courage” he asked? And he was spot on. Hearing him say that reminded me of a verse from John (my favorite gospel account!) where Jesus essentially tells his disciples to “take heart! I have overcome the world”.

So that’s the goal. I want to be another voice out there supporting women. I want new moms to feel confident in their ability to birth and raise babies naturally. I want to encourage students who are following a nursing path just like me. I want to inspire girls with the knowledge that they don’t have be afraid because Christ already won.

So thank you. For sticking around. For reading. For subscribing. I’m excited to see where this blogging journey takes us!

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