I’ve been excited post this blog for several weeks now, but I wanted to make sure that my list was fully complete. So I finally bestow upon you, my Top 10 Pregnancy Faves this time around!

*Always check with your Midwife or OBGYN to make sure you‘re doing what is safe for your unique pregnancy*

1) Preggie Pops/Hard Candy

These can be a great help if you’re struggling with morning sickness! I was lucky enough not to actually throw up, but I did experience nausea in my first trimester. I really liked the brand Preggie Pops because their sour candy is phenomenal! But generic ginger candies would also likely do the trick for even cheaper.

2) Bubble Gum

With both of my pregnancies, I experienced mild heartburn. And according to WebMD, chewing bubblegum after eating may help prevent acid reflux and heartburn! I’m always looking for more “natural alternatives”, so I loved the idea of chewing gum over taking any sort of medication

3) Almond Oil

Starting in my Second Trimester, I began using Almond Oil mixed with my belly butter. I got the idea from the well known, What to Expect When you’re Expecting app. Whether or not a woman gets stretch marks is based primarily on genetics, but I wanted to still due my best to take care of my skin as much as possible. I wanted to use something food grade to make sure it was as “safe” for my body as possible. I liked this brand on Amazon.

4) Maternity Jeans

Personally, I think you are stuck yanking up your maternity jeans no matter what style you buy. Ive tried over-the-bump jeans from Motherhood Maternity, and under-the-bump jeans from ASOS. And its just a part of the maternity jean life in my opinion.

5) Leggings

It’s always smart to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes as much/long as you can. But it was helpful for me to have some leggings to carry me through. I love Lululemon Aligns, because I was able to wear my same size through all Trimesters so far. I also bought one pair of Maternity Leggings from P’Tula Active. I ordered my usual size and they fit well from my Second Trimester on. It was nice having them for a little extra stomach coverage.

6) Core Guide

If you follow none of my other recommendations, at least follow this one! I originally found Hannah Bower on Instagram. She’s a Pre and Post Natal Certified Trainer and she really knows her stuff. Her core guide offers a wealth of information for healing and maintaining proper core function. I could literally go on and on about WHY this is a good investment. The best $125 I ever spent in Pregnancy. But if nothing else, at least start browsing the free content on her Instagram.

7) Vitamin D

This pregnancy, my Midwife told me that research is showing a link between Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy and Autism in children. While correlation does not equal causation, it’s never a bad idea to headgear the bets in favor of your child. Since we were in the Midwest and it was Winter, I added a Vitamin D supplement during my pregnancy. *As always, check with your personal practitioner to determine what’s best for you.*

8) Comfy bras

During pregnancy, your lower ribs “flare out” to make room for your growing Uterus. In both of my pregnancies I need larger bras to accommodate for a wider band size than I had prior. For me, this was a temporary change, so I bought some cheaper sports bras from Target, and one “nice” strapless bra for any special occasions. Since they’re worn for such a short season of life, I stored them away and used the same bras for both pregnancies to save money for more important things.

9) Magnesium Powder

In my first pregnancy I had HORRIBLE calf cramps in the middle of the night. And I quickly found that by flexing my foot, I could help alleviate the pain until it went away. While I don’t have calf cramps this time around, they are still weirdly fatigued and tight. My Midwife recommended a magnesium supplement and I’ve felt sooo much better ever since. I’m partial to the Calm powder since I’ve used it before, but I’m sure many other brands/options would work just as well. *As always, check with your personal practitioner to determine what’s best for you.*

10) Yoga Ball

Not only does a Yoga ball feel fabulous to bounce on during labor, its comfy for pregnancy too. I like using mine to help loosen up my hips and deal with hip pain. I prefer hip circles or gentle bounces, but I’m sure you could also find some great suggestions on YouTube!

If you found these suggestions helpful, please share with a friend! Your support means the world to me.

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