If you know me, you know I love babywearing. At first I fell in love with the beauty and art form of wraps. Then I found the onbuhimo and the ease and convenience of a high back carry. Then, I got my first ring sling. And my goodness, if you haveever used a ring sling! Not only are they beautiful, but they are one of the quickest, easiest carrier styles around. To date, I’ve tried about 4 different ring sling brands in a few different textiles.

I first heard of Loveheld when it was called Proverbs 31, after the chapter in the Bible. And I especially loved the symbolism of the woman who “willingly works with her hands”. Plus, I always enjoy when Christians are bold in their faith! But it was before my ring sling infatuation began, so I just filed it away in my mind for future purchases.

Once I fell for ring slings as a carrier, I went to a babywearing education class that a friend was teaching and she raved about the quality of Loveheld slings and how amazing the owner Maranda was. I ended up posting to their community Facebook page asking about future restocks for one of their popular double linen slings. The owner of the company reached out to me personally, and offered to let me, a perfect stranger, borrow her personal sling for a few months until her second daughter was born.

This is the kind of generosity several of her biggest fans talk about frequently. I had heard their stories, but didn’t expect to experience it as a newcomer and someone who still hadn’t purchased anything from her brand! And her selflessness just blew me away.

Now before I started following Loveheld, I heard Maranda received a little bit of pushback when she changed her business name from Proverbs 31. Some people felt like she was trying to hide her Christianity to improve her business. And I don’t make any claim to know where her faith is, or what her personal walk with the Lord is like. But what I do know, is that the first thing that attracts people to Jesus is His relentless love. Sometimes if we start out with the Bible, people don’t like to listen. But when they get to know the love that Christ has for them, they start to make changes for themselves.

That’s what I really love about Maranda and her company. Even though her brand is now called Loveheld, it’s no secret that she is a Christian business owner despite the name change to her business. And the way she presents herself and her company sets a great example for people for how true believers act. Plus, The quality of her slings is outrageous! A day or two after she offered to let me borrow her Iris sling, I purchased a Melina sling from her website. And let me tell you, it is the softest sling I have purchased, right out of the box. Plus, she includes a delicious sea salt caramel (you can find them here) and handwritten note with every purchase.

I don’t think I will ever exclusively purchase from one babywearing company (especially since I run a local Babywearing Library) but Loveheld is definitely a new favorite of mine! Such a favorite in fact, that this blog is not written as part of a collaboration with them. Just genuine love for such an amazing babywearing brand!

Do you have any amazing companies I should check out? Feel free to drop a suggestion in the comments!

One thought on “Loveheld Ring Slings

  1. So I’ve never checked out your blog before but this one caught my attention, as I’m newly married! Thank you SO much for the words of wisdom. This was a refreshing read and I will be having my husband read it as well when he’s home from work!

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