Let me start off by saying, I’ve never been a super stylish dresser. I grew up practicing and teaching Martial Arts for almost 15 years. I would spend most weekday evenings, and almost all weekend barefoot at the Taekwondo school. And the uniforms? They’re basically pajamas. When I was outside the studio, I never wanted to be any less comfortable. Most of the time dresses made me paranoid. If it wasn’t I maxi dress I was usually afraid it would fly up somehow. And jeans often didn’t meet my criteria for comfort either.

I’ve also always appreciated dressing more conservatively. I never loved short shorts (or even regular shorts) in highschool, because my legs are pale and my thighs would do that squishy thing when I sat down. Not to mention I never felt like I could be one of the girls with her butt cheeks out in shorts. And low cut or revealing clothes never seemed right for me either. Not to mention wearing a crop top was always out of the question, because I didn’t have a “perfectly” flat stomach. How could I wear a crop top in public? What if I ate too much, or my belly rolled when I sat down?

Then during pregnancy my clothes naturally stopped fitting as my belly grew, so I mostly wore yoga pants and big T-shirts. I just couldn’t justify spending a lot of money on a whole new maternity wardrobe when I knew that stage of life would be so short lived. But having a baby really changes you. I was doing so self-reflection recently and I’ve noticed a big shift in my perspective now, almost 10 months postpartum. I still want to dress comfortably. Life is to short to be uncomfortable! But I also want to look and feel cute in the clothes that I wear. I’m kicking myself for not appreciating the body I had in highschool. Or for not realizing EVERYBODY’S thighs do “that squishy thing” when they sit down. And EVERYONE’S belly rolls when they’re sitting.

And another thing! As a mom, who even has TIME to feel self-conscious anymore? People I barely know watched me pop out a baby completely naked. And I pull out my boob in public now every time I [try] to feed my wiggly, distracted 10 month old. Did I mention she loves to pop on and off constantly to look around? I swear some lady saw my nipple the other day. I don’t have enough energy to worry about my thighs squishing or if someone can see my saggy belly button.

And I am determined to model self-love for my daughter as she grows up. For me, this means trying new things, and making sure I’m positive (internally and externally) about how I look. And that’s why I’m so glad Clothing Under 10 offers so many cute, affordable clothing options. I love being able to try new things without spending a fortune. These outfits were created around three pieces from Clothing Under 10’s website. The first piece is this Cute Med Wash Denim Romper (you can find a similar style here). I looove denim and rompers so I was so excited to try it on! I absolutely adore the bow detail in the back, and that it took me outside of my comfort zone. The shorts are shorter than I’m used to, and I definitely felt a little self-conscious at first. But my amazing photographer (a.k.a my husband) loved them, and was pretty happy about my rear end. So I’d count that as a style win!

The second piece was their Wrap Front White Top. The material is super light and soft, making it perfect for the summer here in Vegas! Plus, I’ve always loved how classic white tops looks with jeans. Because the material is so light, it went perfectly with one of my lace bralettes. The Wrap Front Top is just see through enough to notice the cute detailing, but not so sheer that I needed a second layer underneath. And with fall right around the corner I think it will transition beautifully with a cardigan for those deliciously cool autumn days.

The last item is this Black Off Shoulder Crop Top and Pants (they have a similar top here and similar pants here). This one was definitely my favorite! I love when high fashion meets comfort, and let me tell you this is comfortable! I felt like I was wearing pajamas, but I also felt SO beautiful. Like I said before, crop tops kind of scare me (especially postpartum) but the pants come up the perfect height, right at my natural waistline. Plus, I love that this two piece set is the perfect thing for mixing and matching to dress an outfit up or down. The top would look gorgeous with high waisted jeans, and I’m just dying to get a lacy top to try with the pants!

All in all, I am so happy with these pieces. They make me feel comfortable AND pretty, which is always my goal when I get dressed. You should never have to sacrifice comfort to look “good” and you should never have to sacrifice fashion for the sake of comfort. We all deserve the chance to look as good as we feel, without losing an arm and a leg to make it happen. I’m so glad Clothing Under 10 makes that possible!

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