Postpartum is SO hard. Whether you start at 130 lbs. or 200, it can be a tough adjustment for all of us. My boobs are saggy. Heck, even my belly button sags now. I have extra belly fat and a brand new muffin top over my old favorite jeans. High waisted pants are my new best friend. I have stretch marks where I didn’t before. My pelvic floor isn’t as strong as it used to be. Our culture makes it so easy to play the comparison game. To focus on how we look. Because who doesn’t want to be beautiful?

For me, it takes concentrated effort to be positive. Trying to eat better because I’ll feel better. Running to be stronger. Watching how I talk about myself to set an example for my daughter. Still eating the cake (and the oreos) because restricting my life isn’t worth it.

It’s truly mind over matter. At least for me anyways. Reminding myself that my husband still thinks I’m hot. Telling myself that beauty is fleeting anyway. Arming myself with facts (breastfeeding mothers tend to hold on to at least 5 lbs. of extra body fat as a protection mechanism). Imagining how my daughter views my body: as her home, her comfort, her source of nutrition. And those things make me proud. Some moments are still hard, but it gets a little easier every day.

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